About Us

What is Rafa Rare?

Rafa Rare is a Black/Hispanic owned clothing brand that produces trendy fashionable clothing with a luxurious feel. When you wear a “Rafa Rare” piece of clothing you feel your worth. You feel you are one of a kind. You feel positively different. Our clothing comforts you in your own skin. We produce all products custom to your size and distribute many different styles and designs of clothing. Each product is designed and packaged with love. We care about quality and make sure each item you receive is special.

How did the brand begin?

Rafa Rare was created by a young 18yr old athlete, Rafael, who overcame a Rare chest and heart condition. After undergoing major surgery, Rafa battled his way back to health, competed in high level basketball, won a CIF Championship, and continued his athletic fashion modeling career by launching his own clothing brand. Rafa Rare Apparel embodies the spirit of owning your unique experiences, fighting through challenges and boldly wearing pride in who you are.

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Rafa Rare Est. 2020